Is McDonald’s breakfast available all day ?

Breakfast options in McDonald’s happen to be one of the most delectable spreads on the menu of the fast food giant. The crispy hash browns, the oh-so-yummy pancakes, and the delicious muffins steal one’s heart.

McDonald’s started serving Egg McMuffin way back in 1972. The breakfast menu became an instant hit and soon McDonald’s would pride itself on serving one in four outside-bought breakfasts in America. The comfort food chain had managed to revolutionize what they called “the most important meal of the day”.

However, McDonald’s breakfasts have become relatively hard to come by and are available to only those who can wake up early and grab a bite. You cannot enjoy these yummy items all day long as in the past years.

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All Da Breakfast was abolished from the McD menu in March 2020 in response to the global covid-19 pandemic. The spokespersons at the restaurant were of the opinion that this move would simplify the operations of the outlets and enable them to cope with the changed scenario.

Presently McDonald’s starts serving breakfast very early at 5 AM. One can enjoy the breakfast items till 11 AM, after which the outlets start serving items from the regular menu.

You might be curious if you can enjoy a McGriddle at 9 AM in the morning at your nearest McDonald’s outlet. Unfortunately, the restaurant does not serve regular items during breakfast hours. According to decision-makers at McDonald’s the demand for both menus is not sufficiently high to justify the preparation of both food options at the same time.

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The decision of doing away with All Day Breakfast might seem contrary to the popular trend followed by almost all other restaurants that are gradually increasing their breakfast time. The reason for such decisions may be economic viability. It is popular knowledge that the cooking temperatures and timing of breakfast items vary largely from lunch items such as hamburgers. McDonald’s has tried to minimize expenses on equipment and extra staff that might be required to serve breakfast all day.

The move may also have been driven by the law of scarcity. The driving force behind such a marketing strategy is the creation of demand. By limiting breakfast timings to a limited period, McDonald’s might be trying to give its breakfast offerings an exclusive image. The scarcity might be causing people to flock to the nearest outlet of McDonald’s to grab a bite of a breakfast roll before they stop serving it for the day.

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