What breakfast items does McDonald’s serve all day?

The breakfast menu at McDonald’s has been an absolute favorite among regular as well as first-time diners alike for many years. The juice breakfast rolls and the crispy hash browns have stolen hearts since they were first introduced by the restaurant chain. McDonald’s has long been the go-to destination for breakfast lovers, students, and professionals who wish to grab a bite of the delicious pancakes at lunch break between work.

McDonald’s first introduced All Day Breakfast in the year 1972. One of the first items to hit the stands was the Egg McMuffin. This dessert has remained a best seller ever since. The item still remains unchanged and very much part of the breakfast offering of the restaurant even after 50 years of its existence.

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What Are the Most Popular Breakfast Items at McDonald’s?

Some of the most popular breakfast items on the menu offered by this comfort food behemoth are mentioned below:

  • Bacon Roll – One can enjoy this item with a variety of condiments such as brown sauce or ketchup
  • Breakfast roll – This item is one of the highest-selling items on the breakfast menu
  • Hash brown – The crunchy yummy hash browns have stolen many hearts over the years
  • Double Sausage served with Egg McMuffin
  • Egg and Cheese McMuffin
  • Muffin served with jam
  • Cheesy bacon flatbread
  • Pancakes – These are usually served with syrup. You can also choose to have a side of sausages along with delicious pancakes.

Some popular items such as Breakfast Bagels and Breakfast Wraps have been removed from the menu to the disappointment of diners.

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Can You Get These Breakfast Items Throughout the Day?

McDonald’s rolled out its national breakfast in 1977. The menu was diverse and included scrambled eggs, sausages, hash browns, English muffins, and cakes. The breakfast menu rapidly gained popularity and by the year 1986, McDonald’s was serving one in four breakfasts consumed by Americans outside their homes.

All Day Breakfast was launched in the year 2015 to the absolute delight of the regular customers of McDonald’s. However, after the covid-19 pandemic hit, the restaurant decided to simplify its operations by doing away with the All Day Breakfast menu. After March 2020, most outlets of McDonald’s do not serve breakfast items throughout the day.

The timings of breakfast have been limited to 5 AM to 11 AM at most restaurants of McDonald’s. Therefore, if you are craving that juicy bacon roll and yummy pancakes at 3 PM, then you have no option but to hold your horses till the next morning to grab a bite.

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