What time does McDonald’s breakfast finish 2022?

With a global presence of 38000 franchises, McDonald’s is a household name today. Few have not enjoyed a juicy McGriddle, crispy hash brown, or a serving of yummy fries at this famous restaurant. The restaurant chain is well known for its wide range of food options and quick service.

Breakfast options at the outlets of McDonald’s are many. The restaurant chain launched its breakfast menu in 1971. In the year 1970, franchise owner Jim Delligatti came up with a brand new item – Big Mac. He soon received permission to serve sweets and doughnuts during breakfast hours. This initiative was widely welcomed by frequent diners who absolutely loved the new offerings of the franchise.

In 1971, McDonald’s tried to replicate the success of this move by introducing Egg McMuffin. It was, and still remains one of the best-selling items on the breakfast menu even after 50 years of its existence. The famous Egg McMuffin is said to have been invented by the the-then owner of a franchise in California – Herb Peterson. This item has often been compared to “egg benedict on the go”.

McDonalds breakfast

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When Does McDonald’s Serve Breakfast?

After the wide popularity of breakfast items over the years, McDonald’s extended its breakfast timings to make breakfast available throughout the day. This move was applauded by food enthusiasts. The same continued till early 2020.

However, after the Covid-19 pandemic struck, McDonald’s scrapped its All Day Breakfast in March 2020. Spokespersons opined that this was done in order to simplify restaurant operations. Presently most outlets of McDonald’s serve breakfast from 5 AM to 11 AM in the morning. However, the exact breakfast timings may vary from restaurant to restaurant and usually depends on the timing of the start of breakfast.

A viral tweet recently claimed that McDonald’s has decided to relaunch All Day Breakfast. However, after scrutiny, it was found that the tweet included a screenshot from the year 2015 and thus was proved to be fake. According to decision-makers at McDonald’s, there is no immediate proposal to bring back All Day Breakfast.

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Can I Order Normal Items During Breakfast Hours?

Diners cannot order normal items during breakfast timings at present. The restaurant starts serving items from the regular menu only after the designated breakfast hours are over. According to spokespersons, market research has revealed that the demand for both breakfasts, as well as lunch items at the same time, is not enough. Therefore, the additional costs of extra staff and equipment required to serve both varieties of items would probably add a financial burden on the food chain.

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