When did McDonald’s breakfast change to 11?

One of the first names that come to mind when we think of a delicious breakfast spread is McDonald’s. With its numerous delectable food options and lightning-fast service, McDonald’s has won hearts across the globe. There are over 38000 franchises of this company all over the world.

The breakfast menu of this fast food chain has been an absolute favorite among regulars since its launch in 1971. It all started in 1970 when franchise owner Jim Delligatti invented the Big Mac and received permission to serve doughnuts and sweets at his restaurants at breakfast times.

Inspired by the success of this breakfast idea, McDonald’s introduced Egg McMuffin in 1971. This continental breakfast sandwich is said to have been invented by Herb Peterson, owner of a franchisee outlet in California. McDonald’s has often compared this item to ‘eggs benedict on the go’.

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What is the Timing of Breakfast at McDonald’s?

The timing of breakfast at McDonald’s has changed many times over the years. Until 2019, breakfast was served at all outlets from 5 am until 10:30 am. However, in 2019, the restaurant chain extended the breakfast time to 11 am. Diners fondly welcomed this move since it gave them 30 minutes to grab their McMuffins on the way to work. This decision was taken after conducting an elaborate market trial at 122 restaurants spread across different geographical locations.

What Items Does McDonald’s Offer at Breakfast?

There are plenty of items on the breakfast menu at McDonald’s. Over the years, this comfort food chain has evolved along with the latest trends and introduced healthy breakfast options for its fitness enthusiast clientele. Some of the most loved items are as follows:

  • The breakfast wrap comes with a side of eggs, bacon, sausage, and cheese. You can also enjoy a hash brown along with this juicy wrap
  • Egg and cheese bagel along with sausages
  • The iconic egg McMuffin
  • Sugar Donut
  • Quaker Oats

Can I Order a Burger During Breakfast Hours & Lunch Hours?

Spokespersons at McDonald’s have opined that the demand for both breakfasts as well as items from the normal menu is not sufficiently high. Therefore, to ensure fast service and superior food quality, the restaurant chain only serves regular items after the designated breakfast hours.

So, if you are craving those crunchy french fries or yummy nuggets early in the morning, you have no option but to wait until 11 am to grab a bite.

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