When did Mcdonalds remove all day breakfast?

Breakfast was started by McDonald’s way back in 1971. Egg McMuffin was one of the first items on the menu. It has remained unaltered over the years and still continues to still hearts of millions across the 38000 outlets of McDonald’s across the globe. The iconic item recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.

The breakfast menu caught the world by storm and started gaining popularity pretty fast. By the year 1986, one in every breakfast had by Americans outside their homes was served by McDonald’s.

The wide popularity of breakfast items among office-goers, students, and casual diners prompted the restaurant chain to extend breakfast timings. Thus All Day Breakfast was born in 2015. You could enjoy a juicy bacon roll along with a side of sausages on your lunch break.

McDonalds breakfast

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Food enthusiasts enjoyed this offering till early 2020. When the covid-19 pandemic hit, the restaurant chain decided to do away with All Day Breakfast in March 2020. Authorities at McDonald’s stated that this decision was taken in order to simplify restaurant operations and to keep service smooth and interrupted.

Recently few tweets were circulated on social media claiming that the comfort food chain had decided to relaunch its fan-favorite All Day Breakfast. This caused a wave of excitement among regular diners who had advocated the return of this offering.

Unfortunately, the tweet was later found to be fake and it contained a screenshot of a post from 2015. Decision makers at McDonald’s declared that they had no immediate plans to relaunch All Day Breakfast in the immediate future.

What Are the Most Popular Items in the Breakfast Menu of McDonald’s?

Mcdonald’s has a wide variety of options when it comes to breakfast. Some of the most highly appreciated items on the men are as follows:

  • Bacon Roll
  • Breakfast Roll
  • Hash Brown
  • Sausages
  • Egg McMuffin
  • Cheesy Bacon Muffin
  • Pancakes with syrup

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Why Did McDonald’s Stop All-Day Breakfast?

Obvious cost considerations could have played a major role in this decision. It is a well-known fact that the timing and temperatures required to cook or heat lunch items are pretty different from that required for breakfast items. Therefore, serving breakfast all day would require additional manpower and machinery, which would in turn mean bearing additional costs for the outlet.

Another widely accepted perspective is that McDonald’s is probably trying to make breakfast items more lucrative by creating scarcity. It is human nature to crave what is forbidden, or scarce. Having something that few others can have to makes us feel part of an exclusive group. By limiting breakfast timings, McDonald’s may be trying to capitalize on this human tendency to boost sales.

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