Why did McDonald’s get rid of hash browns?

The juicy burgers, the crispy fries, and the oh-so-sweet muffins – these signature dishes have made McDonald’s a household name across the globe. There are few who are not fond of the delectable offerings of this fast-food behemoth. McDonald’s is known for its impeccable taste, good food quality, and lightning-fast service.

One of the iconic items offered by McDonald’s was the Hash brown. The crunchy treat was loved by both kids as well as adults alike. Recently, many McDonald’s outlets in Japan and Malaysia have done away with this fan-favorite food item. The move is said to be temporary, but it has left fans highly disappointed.

What is the McDonald’s Reason for this Decision?

Hash browns have been marked “temporarily unavailable” on the menus of some outlets. Spokespersons have declared that this decision was a result of the severe potato shortage that was faced in Japan and Malaysia.

This can be attributed to the disruptions in the global supply chain due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Delays in imports, coupled with unforeseen hold-ups at various places have caused shipments to arrive at a much later time than expected. Thus the restaurant is unable to maintain a steady availability of raw materials required for making this delicious snack.

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Will Hash Brown’s Return in the McDonald’s Menu?

The decision-makers at McDonald’s have stated that the removal of Hash Browns is only temporary. The same shall make its grand entry on the breakfast menu as soon as the supply chain is stabilized and the shortage of raw materials is dealt with.

What are the Other Top Selling Items on the McDonald’s Menu?

The restaurant owners have consoled their regular customers by highlighting the fact that though they cannot enjoy their favorite Hash Browns, McDonald’s still has a lot to offer them. Let us take a look at the best sellers on the McD menu.

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  • Chicken McNuggets: This crunchy treat can be enjoyed in various-sized packs ranging from 4 to 50
  • Choice of Burgers: McDonald’s is known for its filling, yummy burgers. You can choose from a wide variety of burgers, but arguably the most famous of them is the Big Mac
  • Breakfast Roll: This breakfast delicacy can be had with a choice of condiments – brown sauce or ketchup
  • Egg McMuffin: This sweet treat has been on the menu of McDonald’s for a long 50 years and still features among its best sellers
  • Pancakes: They can be enjoyed either with syrup or in order of sides

The scrapping of hash browns, while disappointing, also presents an opportunity for regular diners to order something apart from their usual. Maybe you could find your next favorite meal one of these days.

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