Why did McDonald’s stop all day breakfast?

Craving that succulent pancake or a yummy McDonald’s Breakfast Roll during your lunch break? You just have to settle for a hamburger, my friend. McDonald’s has stopped serving its popular menu All Day Breakfast as of March 2020. The move was introduced as a way to simplify restaurant operations during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The decision to scrap All Day Breakfast came as a blow to many regular customers who were frequently ordering delectable items from the breakfast menu throughout the day.

The breakfast spread of McDonald’s was initially introduced in the year 1972, with Egg McMuffin being one of its star attractions. The yummy dessert has remained a fan favorite over the years and has recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.

The breakfast menu has changed many times since its inception. So have the timings of the same. Presently, McDonald’s has started serving breakfast early in the morning, at 5 AM. The food options can be ordered till 11 AM in most outlets. However, the exact timing of breakfast may vary slightly from outlet to outlet.

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A viral tweet has been in circulation recently suggesting that the All Day Breakfast will soon be reintroduced by McDonald’s. The same contained a screenshot of a press release by the fast food chain which read “Let there be breakfast”. According to the post, McDonald’s would reintroduce All Day Breakfast from 6th October. This caused quite a celebration among food enthusiasts.

However, after a bit of probing, it was found that the press release was from the year 2015. To the disappointment of daily diners, McDonald’s has decided not to bring back the fan-favorite All Day Breakfast anytime soon. Spokespersons at the restaurant opine this move would help McDonald’s keep its kitchens running smoothly and the delivery system extremely fast and efficient.

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The logic behind this decision could be the law of scarcity. Human tendency is to crave a thing that is inaccessible to them. It is only human to be included in something quite exclusive. It might be possible that McDonald’s is trying to incorporate this tendency into their marketing strategy.  By making the breakfast spread available only for a limited time, it is probably trying to create demand, thus boosting sales.

Economic considerations could also play an important role in the decision not to bring back the All Day Breakfast. Restaurant owners agree that breakfast items are cheaper than those in the regular menu. Therefore, serving it all through the day could reduce sales of regular food items at McDonald’s, thus reducing the overall revenue.

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